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Reinaldo Gonzalez
25.07.18 01:32 PM Comment(s)

Those who have been around in this profession for a while know that it is a challenging one filled with, if you don’t see the whole picture, a roller coaster of emotions that usually takes the “emotionally uneducated” agent from depression to joy and back in a matter of seconds.

Whoa! That was harsh, wasn’t it? It was but sadly true. Let’s take a closer look.

First, it’s because one of the children of “comfortzonism” (a.k.a living in the comfort zone): the dependency. Agents grow dependent of referrals from past clients (if they happen to have any), family, friends, neighbors or that guy that promised me few months ago will give me his whole inventory of properties to sale (crickets, crickets, crickets). The cure to this: action by prospecting-done-right so our pipeline is full of leads, prospects and clients from a variety of sources that provide us independence; and, customer experience (instead of customer service) with the grand purpose of converting clients into advocates and fans, those that will proudly display their accomplishments because of our dedication to fulfilling their real estate needs. These two, prospecting and customer experience, will provide us with a consistent stream of business and, therefore, an increased level of confidence in our abilities along with a reduction of any uncertainty about our future in this business. 

Second, they, agents, have the wrong concept of motivation. Books, seminars, coaches, mentors, brokers, gurus and every person that can talk or write in a nice way is a “source” of motivation. If they only understood that all the motivation they will ever need is already inside of them, anything external is merely “triggers” of that internal force called motivation. Also, when those triggers convince them that all what’s required is to work hard on their “needs” (money, status, significance, belonging, relevance, etc.) they are destined to learn the disappointing reality that once a need is satisfied the motivation’s trigger effect disappears and then one day they find themselves on the edge of their bed feeling professionally lost and done: demotivated.

But what if that trigger that sets our motivation on fire is such that once is satisfied you do not have to work another day of your life to cover your basic living expenses? It’s called financial independence, and it’s only attainable if you forget about motivation and embrace the process to reach it.

Here is my secret, define the goal (financial independence, get help from professionals to determine your specifics), create the process, determine the steps (here is where I can help you). Now, forget about the goal and concentrate on the steps to complete the process. Work every single day of your life toward your goal by working on the steps, use that goal as your motivation’s trigger and every step you complete as the energy to take on the next one and then that one to take on the next one and so on.

It sounds a lot like creating and keeping (good) habits, doesn't it? And that (habits) is the topic of my next blog post.

Yes, it’s hard work but not how they have told you so. The hard work is in consistency, resilience, grit, focus, all of what you need to have every single day of your life until you reach your goal. There is where the hard work is.

Need help to achieve your goals? Then read, learn, educate yourself, make self-continued education THE most important tool to reach your goal. Learn to do more (meaning faster, bigger, easier, cheaper, better, unique) with less effort. Remember that you are, have been and will ever be as high (or low) as your level of education and preparation. It’s a fool’s illusion to work on increasing your earnings if you don’t first increase your knowledge, constantly.

Need my help to achieve your goals? I’ll be glad to do it only that you must always keep in mind that my support to your growth will stop when my efforts to get you better exceed your efforts to get better.

For more information about our career development visit our "Get Empowered" section of this website, complete your information and I will glad to contact you and schedule a coffee, tea (or both) and chat, no strings attached.

Reinaldo Gonzalez

Principal Broker