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By: Reinaldo Gonzalez | July 25, 2018

Those who have been around in this profession for a while know that it is a challenging one filled with, if you don’t see the whole picture, a roller coaster of emotions that usually takes the “emotionally uneducated” agent from depression to joy and back in a matter of seconds.

Whoa! That was harsh, wasn’t it? It was but sadly true. Let’s take a closer look.

First, it’s because one of the children of “comfortzonism” (a.k.a living in the comfort zone): the dependency. Agents grow dependent of referrals from past clients (if they happen to have any), family, friends, neighbors or that guy that promised me few months ago will give me his whole inventory of properties to sale (crickets, crickets, crickets). The cure to this: action by prospect...